Collaborator in India

Our Collaborator in India:

Advanced MidBrain Activation Academy (AMAA), INDIA

幸福「七紅」課程七歲前右腦創意藝術直覺靈感教育紮根使命全腦開發-創意藝術直覺靈感邏輯推理訓練胎嬰幼童成長右腦開發優勢是無限大右腦開發就是開發出左腦眼視力看不見右腦想像力清晰圖像之腦內視力而得以全腦開發india 0india1india2

(A Brain Developer Pioneer Organization)

Advanced Midbrain Activation Academy (AMAA) is an Internationally Certified, established organization which helps to improve ‘whole’ brain functions, mental ability and skill development to all age groups.

‘AMAA’ is dedicated to explore the human talent by providing various kinds of brain development programs such as Midbrain Activation for Kids,  Quantum Speed Reading,  Advanced ESP, Photographic MemoryDMIT ,  Adult Midbrain Activation,  MnemonicsPsychometric,    Super Quantum Speed ReadingAbacusPhoneticsMind Power Program, Infant Music Therapy and various other courses.

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